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Amazon Storytime

A growing collection of professionally narrated short stories


Esquire is the #1 Men's Magazine.


Make chatbot polls. Fast.


Bot sends coupons and discount offers for AliExpress.

Udemy All Real 100% Free

Free Udemy coupon and discount codes.

Kagamine Rin

A bot that does Kagamine Rin and moderator stuff!

Bot Makers

Vincent Greenfield

Bot Maker, Full Stack Developer, Designer, and Music Enthusiast.

Agata Dooreck

Bot CX & Development at

Ben Brown

Creator of Botkit, founder of

James Calhoun


Dharmesh Shah

Entrepreneur. Founder/CTO @HubSpot, inbound marketing and sales SaaS

Joseph Holguin

I help brands build chatbots at! Connect with me at

Andrew Demeter

I build bots.